September 2023

Meet Mrs. Ramos!

Submitted by misty.rindlisbacher on Fri, 09/29/2023 - 09:23
Facts about Mrs. Ramos

Mrs. Ramos loves being with her family, & her kids are the most precious thing in her life. They are movie lovers 100%. Her family has a love/hate relationship with their dog Yondu but they wouldn't be able to live without him.  Mrs. Ramos does anything and everything that is needed at our school.  She makes every student feel important and appreciated and always has a smile on her face.  We love her!

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Upcoming Events for Parents

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Social Media - Protecting Your Child
Social Media - Protecting Your Child (Spanish)
Details about Nebo School event
Details about Nebo School event (Spanish

Please see the flyers for information on an upcoming event for parents called "Social Media - Protecting Your Child".

Spanish Storytime

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Spanish Story Time Flyer

This is a flyer for weekly Spanish story time and activities at the Payson city library. 

Meet Mr. Whitney

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Facts About Mr. Whitney

Mr. Whitney has 1 sister in his family and 2 dogs as pets. He loves to do things outdoors like camping and ATV riding. He loves sports and exercising. He loves to run, go to the gym and 
be active.  Mr. Whitney is our new ESL Specialist this year, and has already had a huge impact on so many of our students! 

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Top Banana!

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Mrs. Ostler's Class
Mr. Earl's Class
Mrs. Bell's Class
Miss Nielsen's Class
Mrs. Burraston's Class
Mrs. Mormann's Class

We want to announce our first ever Top Banana winners at Santaquin Elementary!

Congratulations to the following classes:

1st Grade Mrs. Burraston’s Class

2nd Grade Mrs. Ostler’s Class

3rd Grade Mrs. Bell’s Class

4th Grade Mrs. Mormann’s Class

5th Grade Mr. Earl’s Class

Kindergarten Miss Nielsen’s Class


These classes had the highest total points from all of the Specialty Classes combined.  Students, thank you so much for working so hard!  They had a special visitor deliver the Top Banana Trophy that they get to display!



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Meet Mrs. Rindlisbacher

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Facts About Mrs. Rindy

This is Mrs. Rindy's 7th year at Santaquin Elementary. Her husband is a 4th grade teacher in Alpine School District. They have twin boys who are 16 and a daughter who is 14. Mrs. Rindy loves her dog, Loki, and kind of likes Loki's dog, Stark. She enjoys being outside with her family, kayaking, playing cornhole, eating, and watching movies. But not all at once.  Mrs. Rindlisbacher is our librarian and she loves working with the amazing students at Santaquin Elementary!

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Picture Day - September 21!

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Picture Day Information

Picture Day is Coming on Thurs, Sept 21! Please see the attachment for more information. 


Walk & Roll Challenge

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Win Sweet Prizes Flyer
Information about the contest

Does your student get to school by walking, riding a bike, or riding a scooter? If so, they can be where red each month into the saferoutesUtah Walk & Roll Challenge! See the flyer for more details!

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