Fifth Grade Links

Math Links

Standard 1: Students will acquire number sense and perform operations with whole numbers, simple fractions and decimals.

Number Concepts:

Cookie Dough: Number Words
Line Jumper: Negative Numbers
Interactive Mathematics: Number Operations
Base 10 Blocks
Teach R Kids Math (Click on Number Basics)

Addition & Subtraction:

Teach R Kids Math (Click on Addition or Subtraction)
Power Football
Math Baseball
Tic-Tac-Toe Squares: Math Facts
Soccer Shootout: Math Facts
The ArithmAttack: Math Facts
Operation Order: Equations
Guess the NumberPlus

Multiplication & Division:

Teach R Kids Math (Click on Multiplication or Division)
Math Car Racing: Division
Power Football
Math Baseball
Tic-Tac-Toe Squares: Math Facts
Soccer Shootout: Math Facts
The ArithmAttack: Math Facts
Multiplication: Adventure in Number Sense
The Factor Game
The Product Game
Rectangle Multiplication
Operation Order: Equations
Guess the NumberPlus


Teach R Kids Math (Click on Decimals)
Power Football: Decimal Operations


Teach R Kids Math (Click on Fractions)
Soccer Shootout: Fraction Operations
Who Wants Pizza: Fractions
Fractions: Parts of a Whole
Fractions: Naming
Fractions: Visualizing
Fractions: Comparing
Fractions: Equivalent
Fractions: Model
Fractions: Pieces
Fractions: Adding

Word Problems:

Math in the Factory (Go to "Math in the Factory" & "Work it Out")
Teach R Kids Math (Click on Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division)


Standard 2: Students will use patterns and relations to represent mathematical situations using algebraic symbols.


Number Cracker


Properties: Definitions & Examples


Interactive Mathematics: Algebra
FunBrain Magician

Standard 3: Students will use spatial reasoning to recognize, describe and identify geometric shapes.


Interactive Mathematics: Geometry
Introduction to Angles
Art by Escher
Tesseslation Town
Rotations/Reflections/Translations: Bathroom Tiles
Symmetry: Quilts Hurkle
What's the Point?: Graphing
Planet Hop
Looking for the Top Quark Game
Lunar Adventure Activity

Standard 4: Students will understand and use measurement tools and techniques.


Length: Measure It
Money: Change Maker
Area & Perimeter: Shape Surveyor
Area & Perimeter: Math Playground
Interactive Mathematics: Measurement


Time:Teach R Kids Math (Click on Time)

Standard 5: Students will collect and organize data to make predictions.

Charts, Graphs, & Tables:

Interactive Mathematics: Data & Probability
Gere's Bike Shop
Create a Graph Activity
Data Picking Activity by BBC Maths File


Train Race
Weather Today
AAA Math: Statistics


Interactive Mathematics: Data & Probability
Stick or Switch
What Are Your Chances?


The Frustrated Farmer
Figure This!: Math Challenges for Families
Interactive Mathematics: Algebra
Math in the Factory
Magic Square
Kids' Place: Brain Teasers
Make Your Own Flashcards: A+ Math
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany & Puzzles
Puzzle Parlor
Clever Games for Clever People
Math Glossary
SET Puzzle


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