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Standard 1: Students will acquire number sense and perform operations with whole numbers.

Number Concepts:

Teach R Kids Math (Click on Number Basics)
One False Move!: Ordering Numbers
Guess the Number
Math Cats: Writing Numbers
Cookie Dough: Number Words
Connect the Dots: Count Backwards
Even and Odd

Addition & Subtraction:

Math Baseball
Operation Order: Equations
Tic-Tac-Toe Squares
Soccer Shootout
The ArithmAttack
Leap Frog
Math Car Racing: Subtraction
Interactive Mathematics: Numbers & Operations

Word Problems:

Teach R Kids Math (Click on Addition)
Teach R Kids Math (Click on Subtraction)


Teach R Kids Math: Fractions
Pizza Party: Fractions

Standard 2: Students will identify and use patterns and relations to represent mathematical situations.


Simon Says: Patterns
Teach R Kids Math (Click on Patterns)


Standard 3: Students recognize, describe and identify geometric shapes.


Interactive Mathematics: Geometry

Standard 4: Students will understand and use measurement tools and techniques.

Measurement (Length, Capacity, & Weight):

Measure It
Interactive Mathematics: Measurement


Teach R Kids Math (Click on Time)
Stop the Clock
What Time Is It?
Telling Time with Willy the Watchdog


Teach R Kids Math (Click on Calendar)


Change Maker: Money
Kid's Bank
Teach R Kids Math (Click on Money)

Standard 5: Students will collect and draw conclusions from data.

Charts, Graphs, & Tables:

Interactive Mathematics: Data &
Bar Graphs
Create a Graph


Interactive Mathematics: Data & Probability


Figure This!: Math Challenges for Families
Interactive Mathematics: Algebra
Math Glossary
Make Your Own Flashcards: A+ Math


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