Top Banana!

Submitted by misty.rindlisbacher on Fri, 09/15/2023 - 11:44
Mrs. Ostler's Class
Mr. Earl's Class
Mrs. Bell's Class
Miss Nielsen's Class
Mrs. Burraston's Class
Mrs. Mormann's Class

We want to announce our first ever Top Banana winners at Santaquin Elementary!

Congratulations to the following classes:

1st Grade Mrs. Burraston’s Class

2nd Grade Mrs. Ostler’s Class

3rd Grade Mrs. Bell’s Class

4th Grade Mrs. Mormann’s Class

5th Grade Mr. Earl’s Class

Kindergarten Miss Nielsen’s Class


These classes had the highest total points from all of the Specialty Classes combined.  Students, thank you so much for working so hard!  They had a special visitor deliver the Top Banana Trophy that they get to display!



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