K-2 Dances about the Weather

Melanie Fillmore

This last week the K-2 classes at Santaquin Elementary used dance and movement to help them review, learn, and remember information about the weather.  As part of Nebo School District's GAINS (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools) program, Dance Specialist, Melanie Fillmore visited with these younger grades to model for teachers and provide for students a Dance Integrated learning experience.

Henry's Freedom Box - 5th Grade

Hannah Camit

The past few weeks we have been learning about the Civil War. The students started the unit by learning about slavery and the Underground Railroad. We read the picture book Henry's Freedom box about a man who mailed himself to freedom. The students then simulated mailing themselves to freedom, wearing disguises for the Underground Railroad, and making quilt squares. As we continued the unit, we began discussing the battles and generals that played a large role in the Civil War.

Service and a Smile


This year our school was involved in a service project with the Friends of Utah County Childrens Justice Center.  Mrs. Susan Davidson, a local community member, spearheaded our efforts to gather and deliver stuffed animals to the children.

In a letter from the Friends of Utah County Justice Center it reads,           "Thank you so much for your support for the abused children in our community. Your recent donation of stuffed animals will be well used by the Utah County Children's Justice Center in behalf of the children and families who are served here."



Kindergarten Information Day!

Bring your child who will be in kindergarten next year to meet the teachers, see the classrooms and get your child excited for next year!

When:  April 19th 

Choose one session to attend: 10:30am or 2:00pm

At Santaquin Elementary we provide opportunities for children to learn and develop at their own rate.  To see what services we provide please click HERE.

How low can you go?

Annalyn Greer

In a sixth grade science lab, the students accessed a sound generator on the computer. They were able to tell how high and low of a pitch they could hear.  It was fun trying out the features on the website. 

Just Planning

Patricia Garcia

Our kindergarteners gave Mr. Argyle some suggestions to make our playground more fun, safe and inviting.  He took notes and drew pictures!  The kids even helped him take some measurements. They were so helpful!


6th Grade Padlock Competition

Vicki Lyons

This week our 6th graders have been practicing how to open locks to prepare for Jr. High lockers.  Mrs. Lyons our school counselor put together a competition to see who were the fastest students to open a lock.

Congratulations to our overall winners!

1st - Rylan Nuttail

2nd - Kam Schimpf

Individual class winners:

Mecham:  Arzadia Maestas, Brooklyn Darling

Greer:  Josh Laker, Guadalupe Cortes

Griffeth:  Tori Ludlow, Kam Schimpf

Rawle: Rylan Nuttail, Aspen Cummings