Welcome to Santaquin Elementary!


All students learning at high levels!


Everyone Caring, Everyone Improving, 
Everyone Involved ... CELEBRATE SUCCESS!
Don't forget to READ every night for 20-30 minutes!

Santaquin Elementary Awards


The students at Santaquin Elementary were awarded for their track performance, perfect attendance, for missing only one day of school, and for improvement in all other areas such as reading, writing, math, etc.  Because of the teachers' and students' hard work, there was great success at Santaquin Elementary.  Thanks for a great year!


Back Row:  Kaylee Peterson, Carissa Medina, Attikas Marchbank, Cole Marrott, Graycee Diamond, Jaxton Howard

Front Row:  Jacob Olson, Kortley Cook, Krista Rowley, Ellie Harris

The Finale - It Pays To Read

The gymnasium was filled with so much excitement as the students enter to find out if they will be the winner of a book, the winner of cash, or the winner of  a new bike.  There were over 200 prizes given away between the lower and upper grades.  There were three $15 cash winners from the basketball shoot off and one $10 winner.  Some students received a one-dollar bill that was tucked away in a book they chose as a prize.  It was amazing to see so many students win and take home great prizes.

Ready, Set, Wear It!

Friday, May 16, was wear your life jacket to work day.  The faculty at Santaquin Elementary joined others across the nation in demonstrating how easy it is to wear a life jacket.  An assembly was held later that day for the students.