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All students learning at high levels!


Everyone Caring, Everyone Improving, 
Everyone Involved ... CELEBRATE SUCCESS!
Don't forget to READ every night for 20-30 minutes!

Sub for Santa & Angel Tree Assistance is Open!


Sub for Santa is a temporary Christmas assistance program that matches sponsors with families from Utah County.

How does a family qualify for Sub for Santa?
The purpose of the Sub for Santa program is to provide basic gifts for children between 18 months and 14 years of age.  In order to be considered for Sub for Santa, a family must have at least one child between these ages.  Numerous eligibility factors will be taken into consideration including income and expenses, individual disabilities and other unusual circumstances.

Who's Who Wednesday


6 children and 5 grandchildren (4 since the end of July!)


  • Food:    Prime Rib with creamy horseradish sauce and baked potato
  • Drink:   Pepsi
  • Treat:   Kettle Corn
  • Movie:  Old  (1930’s) Black and White Monster Movies
  • Book:    Whatever I’m currently reading
  • Vacation:  Arizona
  • Time of Year:  Spring


This is my 10th year teaching and my 8th year at Santaquin


Thank You Veterans

First thing Wednesday morning, the students quietly walked to the gym where they found classmates dressed in their Cub Scout and Scout uniforms.  These boys stood at attention down the center of the gym as the student body found their seats.

These boys then led the school in the pledge of allegiance.  A video of our armed services, with the song "I'm Proud to Be an American", was shown in honor of those who have served our country so that we may be free.

The students then paid tribute to our honored guests as the theme of each anthem of the military service was played.