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Everyone Involved ... CELEBRATE SUCCESS!
Don't forget to READ every night for 20-30 minutes!

It Pays to Read


Students at our school put in a lot of time reading.  They are rewarded for their efforts by earning reading tickets. The reading tickets are put into a  drawing. At our Pays to Read assembly, Mr. Argyle draws out reading tickets for the students to earn books and prizes.  This is a fun assembly as kids get to shoot baskets, cheer others on and have a chance to win a brand new bike.  At Santaquin Elementary, IT PAYS TO READ!  Keep it up!

Grandparent Day


Our kindergartners were able to bring their grandparents with them to class last week.  The grandparents helped their kindergartner with some projects, read books with them and were then treated to a fun program.

Thank you for coming and visiting our school!

Thank You Veterans!


Last Friday we had a special assembly to honor the Veterans.  We had many Veterans come into class and we were able to learn from them.  We truely apprecaite all of our Veterans and the freedoms we are able to enjoy because of their service.  THANK YOU!!!

Dancing to Discover

Melanie Fillmore

This past week 3rd-6th grade students and their teachers participated in the GAINS (Growing Arts in Nebo Schools) program.  The District Dance Specialist, Melanie Fillmore, has been visiting with students and teachers to help integrate more movement into their day to day learning.  

3rd grade students used dance to reinforce the idea of multiplication and the distributive property.  Dancing and analyzing movement and how it relates to a multiplication sentence.