Welcome to Santaquin Elementary!


All students learning at high levels!


Everyone Caring, Everyone Improving, 
Everyone Involved ... CELEBRATE SUCCESS!
Don't forget to READ every night for 20-30 minutes!

Safety First


We are a GREAT school because we respect and care about each other.

The students attended an assembly to remind them how to respect and care for others.  A few of the items that Mr. Argyle taught were

Who's Who Wednesday

Mr. Kern

Mrs. Sydney Smith

Family - My husband Mike and I have been married just under two years and we have 1 fish, 1 bird, and 1 dog. I am the oldest of 5 kids in my family. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers, 1 really funny dad, and 1 really creative mom.


 Food: Street Tacos

Treat: Raspberries! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Book: Hope for the Flowers

Vacation: Anywhere! I love going to new places.

Back 2 School


Back to School means Back to Friends, Back to Recess, Back to New Teachers, and Back to Learning.  We have had a great beginning to a new school year.  We have a lot of new teachers at Santaquin Elementary so watch for WHO'S WHO WEDNESDAY to learn more about them.