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Mrs. Gonzales


Mrs. Launa Gonzales was born in Nephi.  She attended school in Nephi and Payson.  She has one brother and two sisters.  She has been married for 41 years.  She has three children and two grandsons.

Some of her favorite things are Mexican food, music by George Strait and Alan Jackson, the T.V. show "NCIS", riding horses, going on 4-wheeler rides, camping, scrapbooking, and crocheting.  Her favorite subject in school was math.

Mrs. Gonzales has worked in school lunch for 13 years and really enjoys it.

Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Crystal Taylor grew up in Spanish Fork.  She has four brothers.

She enjoys riding motorcycles; playing softball; watching football; playing with her puppy, Crue; spending time with her husband; and teaching at Santaquin Elementary.

She really likes Sushi, Diet Coke, the Denver Broncos, the movie "Tangled", Country music, the color mint green and the T.V. show "Chopped". 

Get to Know Mrs. Nielson

Mrs. Celesta Nielson is Santaquin Elementary's P.E. Teacher.  She was born in Virginia, and grew up in Salt Lake City.  She is the oldest of three brothers.  She has been married for 37 years, has 6 children, and 11 grandchildren.

Some of her favorite foods are Halibut, Salmon, and Salad.  She enjoys funny T.V. shows.  She favors the colors orange, turquoise, and white. She likes to watch The Classic movies with Charlton Heston, Julie Andrews, and Jerry Lewis.  Her favorite subject in school was P.E.


Adam Sidwell Introduces Fetch


Author, Adam Sidwell, visited Santaquin Elementary on Monday, September 29.  He brought with him his new picture book, "Fetch".  The students were enthralled as Mr. Sidwell showed pictures and a short movie clip on the screen.  He invited Logan, a Second Grade student, to read "Fetch" to the other students.

Mr. Sidwell also took the time to explain the procedure of writing a book. He encouraged the students to set a goal and write that many words a week.

We appreciate him coming to our school and sharing his talent with us.