Moving Fish

Krystal Taylor

For the fourth grade activity a few weeks ago, we made Moving Fish! The fourth grade activity is a reward for students who have all their work caught up. It also gives kids who need a little extra time and help a chance to work in a smaller group with a teacher.

Experimenting with Sound

Annalyn Greer, Judy Rawle

Students from Mrs. Rawle's class experimented with sound vibrations as part of their Sound Unit. They made string telephones and listened as their voices were transmitted over the string. 

Congratulations to Mr.Goudy - Nebo District Classified Employee of the Year!


“Mr. Goudy brightens everyone's day. He is more than a custodian; he helps run the school. He plows snow early in the morning and even cleans snow off the staff’s car windows. Mr. Goudy stops by classrooms to see if anyone needs any help. He assists students with their science projects and will dress up as the gingerbread man for Christmas. He is known for coordinating the Reading Rodeo for our students in the summer. Mr. Goudy is so kind and helpful and makes others feel special.

Toilet paper and Math???

Annalyn Greer

In Mrs. Greer's 6th grade class, we took rolls of toilet paper and found the surface area of the paper in the roll. Students came up with several strategies to do this.  After we found the surface area of each roll we calculated to see how many rolls we would need to entirely cover the gym floor.  (54).  Then we found how many rolls we would need to cover our classroom...4 walls, floor and ceiling...(98).