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Dancing to Discover

Submitted by jen.teemant on Thu, 11/17/2016 - 09:18
Melanie Fillmore
Students dance with three different types/shapes of bacteria: spheres, rods, and spirals.

This past week 3rd-6th grade students and their teachers participated in the GAINS (Growing Arts in Nebo Schools) program.  The District Dance Specialist, Melanie Fillmore, has been visiting with students and teachers to help integrate more movement into their day to day learning.  

3rd grade students used dance to reinforce the idea of multiplication and the distributive property.  Dancing and analyzing movement and how it relates to a multiplication sentence.

4th grade danced about the “author’s purpose.”  Author’s usually have 3 different purposes for their writing, and we danced in 3 distinct and related ways to help us remember what they are.  

5th grade choreographed their own dance phrases then used the writing/reading skill of “compare and contrast” to analyze the dances of themselves and their partners.  

6th grade danced in a “sea of bacteria” as they learned characteristics of bacteria.  Ask them to tell you what they remember about bacteria from the experience.  

Many students are also regularly dancing the BRAINDANCE in their classrooms.  The BRAINDANCE is a series of movement patterns that helps the brain to integrate and work more effectively.  

Ask your student or their teacher for more information if interested!