School News

Miss Camper's Class Loves STEM


We love STEM! We enjoyed spending the morning doing STEM activities with Mr. Russell from US Synthetic. Thanks for helping us learn how to problem solve. Thank you for volunteering your time to help us learn. 

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Third Grade Goes to Santaquin Museum


The third graders had the opportunity to visit Santaquin Museum this week.  They have learned about communities this year.  It is important to know how and why our community started.   We learned about the veterans who served, the mines around, the story behind the name Santaquin, and what the pioneers lived like.  Thank you to the volunteers who took us on a tour.  We appreciate your knowledge, time and effort.  Annette Bott is always so happy to have us visit.  Thank you Annette and friends and family who helped. 

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Theater Camp


Nebo School District is putting on a theater camp this summer! It is for current 4th, 5th and 6th grade students. 

 CLick here for flyer. 

Teacher Appreciation Week


The PTA has done a wonderful job this week thanking the teachers for their hard work. They provided an Italian Soda Bar on Monday, a flower on Tuesday and a Taco Bar on Wednesday.  Keep watching for the rest of the week's treats!

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Mr. Ekker is Our Crystal Apple

Keeley Holt

The staff at Santaquin Elementary is excited to present the Crystal Apple to Phil Ekker!

Phil has a great passion for education and his students. He has been blessed to work for Nebo School District for 15 years and 12 of those years have been at Santaquin Elementary. He has spent most of his career teaching 1st grade students but was up for another challenge and moved to 4th grade this school year. He loves teaching students to read and develop their love for books and writing. He enjoys getting to know each of his students, learn their interests, and help them to grow throughout the school year. Phil also has a great sense of humor and has been known to “Rock Out” with his class.

When he is not reading up on the latest research in education, Phil loves to spend time with his wife hiking, snowshoeing, road tripping, and going to church. Phil loves spending time with his 4 children, 4 grandkids and 2 fur babies. He loves to joke around with colleagues and has a great personality. He plans to stay in education as long as he can and hopes to continually make a difference in children's lives and someday play the Cello. He is definitely a lifelong learner!

Congratulations on this Award Mr. Ekker!

Kindergarten Assessment


Sign-ups for the Kindergarten Assessment are now available. You may either click on the link below or click on the "Kindergarten Assessment" button to the left.


Second Grade Goes to Camp

Megan Camper

To practice elapsed time second graders created camps.  

Step 1:  They brainstormed a list of different camp ideas.

Step 2:  They brainstormed a list of activities they could do at their camp and how much time each activity might take.  Next, they can choose activities to put on their schedule.

Step 3:  They made a beginning and ending time for each activity scheduled for the day.  All the times need to fit together.

Step 4:  Write down the schedule.

Step 5:  Make up 4 questions about the camp schedule.  

Step 6:  Decorate the schedule on poster-board.

 The second graders loved doing the activity and had so much fun!

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