October 2019

Hank Smith Visits Santaquin Elementary


Dr. Hank Smith visited Santaquin Elementary. Upper and Lower grades got to attend an assembly to learn about  not bullying. Be kind to those around us and lift them up. Don't crush my chips! What an amazing assembly! Make sure to swipe for more pictures!

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PTA Carnival Success


Huge THANK YOU to Santaquin Elementary PTA for putting on another wonderful Fall Carnival! Much fun was had at Trick or Treat, carnival games, and pizza with friends and family! We love and appriciate our PTA! Thank you, thank you!


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Teacher Tuesday – Miss Inman

All About Miss Inman

Miss Inman is a First Grade Teacher here at Santaquin Elementary. She grew up in Kaysville, Utah and is the youngest in her family of 5. She has one older brother and one older sister. She now lives in Provo, UT. Miss Inman got her teaching degree from Southern Utah University – Go T-Birds! She loves to work at Santaquin Elementary because everyone here is so friendly and helpful. If she could have any superpower she would want the power of teleportation. A super power she already has is laughing and making people around her happy! If Miss Inman isn’t teaching, she loves to spend time with her friends and family.



Food – Spaghetti

Color – pink

Candy – Kit Kats & Starbursts

Children’s Book – Chrysanthemum

Movie – Coco

Travel Destination – the Beach

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Faculty Friday – Mrs. Ripplinger

All about Mrs. Ripplinger

Mrs. Ripplinger is our new 4th grade teacher this year! She is from Birmingham, Alabama. She has one older brother and one younger brother. She now lives in Provo with her husband. She loves to read, cook, and excersice. Some of her favorite sports to play are volleyball, swimming, biking, and snowboarding. Some of her special talents are rapping and doing the worm. She loves to travel home to Alabama. Mrs. Ripplinger loves to teach at Santaquin Elementary because “Everyone is happy to help you out when you need it!”   


Colors: Blue & Orange

Food: chicken or Fettucine Alfredo      

Book: Stormlight Archives or anything by Dan Brown       

Candy: Reeses Fast Break     

Movie: The Proposal or The Guardian


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Nebo Peak Award - Susan Hunter


Our very own secretary Susan Hunter recieved the Nebo Peak Award. She was nominated by 5th Grade Teacher Hannah Camit. 

“Susan is a positive role model. She makes all teachers, staff, and parents that she works with feel appreciated and important. Susan keeps the school running and makes each child feel important. She is welcoming and positive to everyone in the community that visits the school.”

We could not agree more. We love Susan and everything she does to support all of Santaquin Staff and Students. 

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Pajama Math

Jamie Call

The students in Miss Call's class made math posters representing three different subtraction strategies. Then they categorized the different strategies, finding similarities and differences. AND they got to do it in their PJ’s! Everything’s better in PJ’s!

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Farm Field Days

Second Grade Teachers

2nd grade had fun at Farm Field Days and Discovery Park. 

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Map Masterpieces, Community Creations!

Santaquin First Grade

First graders have been learning about communities, community helpers, and maps. They got to create a 3D map of their own community, selecting important buildings and landmarks they wanted in their towns. Swipe for more pictures! Visit our Facebook page for even MORE pictures!



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