December 2015

Important Safety Reminders

Please remind your children when they walk to school or walk home to stay in the designated walking areas.  If there are not any lines, please advise them to walk on the side of the road.

There have been reports of students playing football and walking in the middle of the road.  Drivers are concerned that they might get hit or hurt.  Lets keep our children safe.

Also remind your children that tampering with mailboxes and packages is against the law.  "Mailboxes are protected by federal law, and crimes against them and the mail they contain are considered a federal offense." (May, 2011,, Web.)  Violators can be fined.

Kindergarten Celebrates Grandparents


Friday, November 20, grandparents were invited to spend a day with their Kindergartner.  Grandparents participated in story telling, hand tracing, and other activities.  Everyone joined in the gym for a special Thanksgiving program.  The kindergarten students sang several "Thanks"giving songs for all of those who attended.  A great beginning to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Who's Who Wednesday


Mrs. Amy Stubbs

I am married with 4 children, our oldest daughter is married and has 4 kids; they live close (in our basement).  Next comes our sons the oldest son is a mechanical engineer, he just got engaged and lives in Farmington.  Second son lives in Payson, still deciding who he is.  The baby is 16 and a Jr. in high school.  She plays soccer for Payson high and Salem Shooters.

            Food:  Don’t like food, I eat to live not live to eat.
            Drink:  Diet Coke
            Treat:  Chocolate
            Movie: Ever After
            Book:  Outlander
            Vacation:  Caribbean Cruise
            Time of Year:  Summer


I have been an ESL Technician for 17 years, 10 of which have been at Santaquin Elementary. I have been trained in various reading programs.


I love camping, hiking and spending time with my family.  In my down time I love to knit, anything from dishcloths to socks.  I also love my job, reading is my passion so teaching kids to read and instilling a love of reading is fun.