Mrs. McMullin receives PEAK Award!

Submitted by misty.rindlisbacher on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 10:52
Mrs. McMullin receiving PEAK Award at Nebo School District Board Meeting
Group picture of district PEAK recipients and the people who nominated them

Our own Mrs. McMullin was recognized at the District Board Meeting and received the PEAK Award!  
PEAK stands for Positive Energy and Kind employees.  She was nominated by Chelsea Rowley and Hannah Camit.

"Shawnee McMullin is a brilliantly kind, optimistic, and genuine teacher at heart. She has a natural gift for teaching and loving each of her students with patience and understanding. 

“One parent shared, ‘When I would go to parent teacher conferences, I would often have to hold back tears because I could FEEL the love she had for my daughter. She teaches each kid on an individual level and makes each of them feel like they can conquer the world!’ 

“Mrs. McMullin’s classroom radiates joy. Her energy lights up the room! I felt safe and confident that no matter the circumstances of this year, that we could get through it together. She is always prepared and quick on her feet. She attends an outside of school activity like dance recitals or soccer games for each of her students, which leaves a lasting impression of love long after they leave her classroom. As a team leader, she isn’t just a gift to the students and parents, but the entire faculty as well. She started a friendship mug program at the school for the faculty, costume days to celebrate holidays and special occasions, and put great effort into creating eye-catching and interactive graphics for our school website, social media, and signs around the school. Her work is the face of our school to the public, and we are all more united and better off because she is there. Thank you!”

“Shawnee always goes above and beyond to create a positive relationship with all employees in the building. She teaches her first-graders how important it is to have positive thoughts about ourselves and others. Shawnee makes sure to communicate positive things that the students in her class are doing each month in a variety of ways to parents. Everyone in the building feels more important and appreciated because of Shawnee's bubbly personality and the way she goes out of her way to make sure everyone feels special. Santaquin Elementary is a better and more a positive place to be because of Shawnee.”

Congratulations, Mrs. McMullin!  This is well deserved and we are so happy to have you at Santaquin Elementary!

Chelsea Rowley, Hannah Camit, Lana Hiskey