Feliz Navidad Day

Submitted by misty.rindlisbacher on Mon, 12/06/2021 - 09:39
Feliz Navidad sign
Students in Mrs. McMullin's Class with their poinsettias
A student shows off her art work
A student shows off his art work
These poinsettias were very difficult to make
Mrs. McMullin's Students were so proud of their creations
Students showing their poinsettias
Miss Dooley all dressed up for Feliz Navidad Day
Student poinsettias in the hall
Student's reindeer heads in the hall
Joke of the Day for handwriting practice

Our First Graders celebrated Feliz Navidad Day!
They learned about the legend of the poinsettia.  A lot of the students were surprised they were real!  They thought it was major magic at work when they say how a few of the leaves were changing from green to red.  The students all created their own Christmas Poinsettias.  Miss Dooley's class reviewed their sight words by writing them on small Christmas lights, tangling them up in the antlers of reindeer and then mounting a 3D reindeer head on paper. Yes, the first graders did all the folding and gluing of the poinsettias and the reindeer. Amazing!

Becca Dooley, Shawnee McMullin