3rd Grade Field Trip

Submitted by misty.rindlisbacher on Mon, 09/19/2022 - 06:41
3rd graders on the tractor pull
A student loses with an apple
3 boys pose in the orchard
Boys in the wagon
Boys eating apples
A class listens to the presenter from Rowley’s Red Barn
Mrs. Barnett’s class poses in front of a large green tractor
Students pose with apples they’ve picked from the orchard
A third grade girl smiles
A student holds out an apple
A student smiles in the sunshine
Mrs. Barnett takes a selfie with 2 students
Classmates smile in the orchard
Mrs. Barnett and 3 girls smile while being pulled by a tractor
A student rides on a small tractor
Students pose with a cardboard cutout from Rowley’s Red Barn

Third grade had the best time on their first field trip of the year at Rowley's Red Barn! They got to be pulled by the tractors, pick their own apples, eat a delicious apple cider donut, and learn all about the orchards! It was a fun-filled day!

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Jessica Bever, Ashley Barnett