Who's Who Wednesday


Ms. Carla Carter


 I grew up in Santaquin with 3 brothers and my parents.  Being the only girl had its advantages.  I now have 2 children of my own, a son and a daughter.  I have 2 grandchildren that are my reward for not killing my son.


Food:  Prime rib and Thanksgiving dinner…

Drink:  Pepsi and Milk

Treat:  Brownies

Movie:  Dirty Dancing

Book:  Any book about the Amish

Vacation:  When my mom took all three of my brothers, myself, and our families to Disneyland.  Also, when we went with my ex’s family to Lake Tahoe.

Time of Year:  Fall I love the color change and the crisp cool air.  I also love the Thanksgiving holiday season.  My birthday is close to Thanksgiving.  I always love it when it falls on Thanksgiving.


I started here in 1996.  Mr. Barlow hired me to do P.E.  As soon as a computer job came up, I put in for it and here I have been for the last 18 ½ years teaching computers.  I have been here for 20 years altogether.  I guess you would say that is my teaching experience and believe me it is an experience every year, actually every day!!!


My family is my number one priority, interest, and hobby.  I love to do anything that my family is doing which usually includes something with guns, dogs, side by sides or water.  I like to crochet.  I love animals but mostly dogs and horses.  I like to camp and ride side by sides.  I love to read.