April 2016



Angela, from the Natural History Museum of Utah, visits Mrs. Vernon's class.  She showed the class igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and crystals.

It Pays to Read - April


The "It Pays to Read" assembly was awesome this month.  Students are chosen to pick prizes off the stage.  Occasionally,  students are drawn, and select people to shoot baskets to help them win a prize.  Everyone who is selected wins a book.  The student can pick anyone, including themself, to shoot baskets.  There are five slots to fill.  Usually the kids just pick teachers.  This time, however; a couple of students picked their friends and also shot their own basket.  The kids did awesome, reaching a new time for making the baskets.

Ground Hog


Second grade students read a Journey's story called "How Groundhog's Garden Grew".  Then they learned about the parts of a flower, and each student planted grass.  This is the final result.