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May 2014

Santaquin Elementary Awards

Submitted by susan.hunter on Thu, 05/29/2014 - 11:45

The students at Santaquin Elementary were awarded for their track performance, perfect attendance, for missing only one day of school, and for improvement in all other areas such as reading, writing, math, etc.  Because of the teachers' and students' hard work, there was great success at Santaquin Elementary.  Thanks for a great year!


Back Row:  Kaylee Peterson, Carissa Medina, Attikas Marchbank, Cole Marrott, Graycee Diamond, Jaxton Howard

Front Row:  Jacob Olson, Kortley Cook, Krista Rowley, Ellie Harris

Perfect Attendance

Back Row:  Reyna Sandoval, Shelby Nelson, Michael Roberts, Brock Oscarson

Front Row:  Kenadi Peterson


Top Row:  Rebekah Walker, Gracie Ward, Jennifer Zamora, Ivan Ciseneros, Graycee Diamond, Tanner Gardiner

Middle Row:  Macin Kuester, Rusty Hansen, Octavio Salas, Conner Dickie, Alejandro Sandoval

Front Row:  Guadalupe Cortes, Saber Gonzales, Ryan Eyre, Skyler Farrar, Dustin Wells

Not Pictured:  Julio Trujillo, Ryder King, Thayne Bird

Outstanding Students

Back Row:  Adalie Sorensen, Katelyn Reeves, Kathryn McNaughtan, Jessica Miller, Oscar Menjivar, Landon Fraser, Tanner Ivers, Alejandro Gomez, Thayne Bird

Middle Row:  Beppy Cruz, Sophia Carr, Baylee Butler, Alamea Dunford, Parker Marrott, Cloe Arcos

Front Row:  Garret Hoyt, Ryker Maestas, Hannah Harris, Thomas Toone, Joren Rowley

Outstanding Students 3

Back Row:  Kaden Jackson, Trevvon Eastman, Kinley Hubbard, Mallory Witt, Joanna Cisneros, Abby Westling

Middle Row:  Braidon Jones, Lincoln Shaw, Ryan Shephard, Conner Hurst

Front Row:  Abraham Vargas, Bryley Jarrett, Taisha Goode, Camryn Openshaw

Not Pictured:  Drew Stilson

Outstanding Students 2

Back Row:  Alejandro Sandoval, Conner Dickie, Carissa Medina, Shelby Nelson, Kaija Carr

Front Row:  Ellie Harris, Ian Johnson, Molly Mortensen, Emma Merrill, Viridiana Sandoval

Outstanding Performance

Back Row:  Josie Barker, Heston Taufer, Brock Oscarson, Tanner Gardiner, Tyler Erickson, William Barker, Cole Marrott, Hayes Geldmacher, Gabriel Chatwin

Front Row:  Katelyn Laursen, Kirienn Marrott, Amy Blake, Morgan Butler, Janessa Hurst, Kortney Kaze

The Finale - It Pays To Read

Submitted by susan.hunter on Wed, 05/21/2014 - 11:31

The gymnasium was filled with so much excitement as the students enter to find out if they will be the winner of a book, the winner of cash, or the winner of  a new bike.  There were over 200 prizes given away between the lower and upper grades.  There were three $15 cash winners from the basketball shoot off and one $10 winner.  Some students received a one-dollar bill that was tucked away in a book they chose as a prize.  It was amazing to see so many students win and take home great prizes.

Congratulations to our bike winners Holden Taylor and Anthony Demita.  Kirienn Marrott and Malinda Ford were awarded a $50 college certificate. 

Ready, Set, Wear It!

Submitted by susan.hunter on Wed, 05/21/2014 - 11:20

Friday, May 16, was wear your life jacket to work day.  The faculty at Santaquin Elementary joined others across the nation in demonstrating how easy it is to wear a life jacket.  An assembly was held later that day for the students.

That afternoon H20, an animated water-safety boat, visited Santaquin Elementary to teach water safety to the 1st and 2nd grade students.  He brought along his friends Ty Hunter and Brody Young from Utah State Parks, Boating Program to help teach the following six rules to the students 1) Always wear your life jacket!  2) Be careful near streams, canals, and fast moving water!  3) If someone falls in, and they can’t swim, reach or throw but don’t go in!  4) Never swim alone.  Always swim with a buddy in a supervised area!  5) Look before you leap!  6) Learn to swim!

The 2nd grade teachers interacted with the students as they tried to show them how to put on a life jacket the correct way and to look before they leap.  After a little fun of all the wrong ways to put on a life jacket, H20 and Ty guided them through the proper steps of wearing a life jacket.  At the end of the assembly, H20 squirted all the students with water.  H2O says, “Just remember when you go by the water this summer, to wear your life jacket!”



Guided Reading Library

Submitted by susan.hunter on Mon, 05/12/2014 - 09:47

Santaquin Elementary has an amazing guided-reading library.  We have over 4,000 book titles.  Most titles have six books in a set.  These books are used in the classroom for instructional teaching in guided-reading groups.  These books are purchased by Trustland Funds.

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