Fourth Grade 'Write Nite'

On Thursday evening, November 15th, the fourth grade teachers at Santaquin Elementary were excited to hold their first annual Write Nite.  This was an opportunity for parents and students to receive strategies and tools to encourage writing at home.   Prizes and writing materials were given away to those in attendance at the end of the evening!  Families learned about all Core Writing Areas, to include: opinion, informational and narrative.  Thank you for supporting student learning through our Parent Literacy Night. 

Santaquin Trading Post

Our Santaquin Trading Post is open Wednesday(s) from 8:30am-8:55am and 2:30pm-3:00pm to exchange books!  Students and parents can purchase books for 25 cents and sell books for 10 cents, with a note of consent from their parents!  Come check it out and let’s get reading!

Ballet West at Santaquin Elementary

Photos by Joseph McCoy Jacklin, student

Ballet West came to Santaquin and performed some dances from the Nutcracker for the students.

The dancers showed the studentbody how they warmed up before dancing and explained what it took to be a professional dancer.

Several students from the audience were picked to go on stage and try a spin with the dancers.  We think our students did a great job.  It's harder to do than it looked!!

The dancers told the story of the Nutcracker Prince, and it was fun to see the costumes and a few of the dances that they will perform in the real show.

Happy Halloween at Mrs. Greer's Class

Joseph Jacklin

As the kids strut through class room after class room, we enjoyed looking at the Zombies, Avengers, and other costumes.  This time of year, everyone gets candy and everyone has a party.  I

n my class, we had to try to eat a doughnut that was on a string tied to a pole.  Most students would catch the doughnut and rest it on their shoulder while they ate it.  I just took bite after bite. 

Santaquin Halloween Costume Parade

Our Halloween Costume Parade began here at Santaquin Elementary at 1:00pm on Wednesday, October 31st.  Parents were welcome and came to join us in the gym and main entryway to watch as students and teachers “paraded” through the school.  Clowns, witches, doctors, superheros, etc., marched in step, showing off their amazing costumes.  Happy Halloween!

Santaquin Sentinel

Each month Santaquin Elementary will post a new edition of our very own school newspaper, the Santaquin Sentinel.  This publication will include:  calendar items, review of important school events, guidance from our school counselor, and a special message from Mr. Argyle.  Thank you to all members of our school community for your continued support of our learning.

2nd Grade 'Parents and Pumpkins' Literacy Night

Megan Camper, Kellie Brandley

On the evening of October 24th, 2012, the parking lot of Santaquin Elementary was full.  Parents and second grade students were at the school for their second annual ‘Parents and Pumpkins’ Literacy Night.  Parents and 2nd graders came to learn about word work strategies, comprehension tools and technology they can use at home.  Parents enjoyed the strategies learned that evening, going home with a variety of materials for being in attendance.  One of the highlights of the night was the pumpkin drawing.  During the month of October, 2nd grade students had the opportunity to turn in ‘pumpkin

Red Ribbon Week Run

Elizabeth Anne Crook Student Reporter

 October 22, 2012, at Santaquin Elementary. 

      It was the first day of Red Ribbon Week and we were told to wear red clothes and wear running shoes.  Most of the students did.  After the announcements, we all went out to the front of the school, on the grass by the first grade classrooms.

     When the whole school was there, Mr. Argyle yelled. "GO".  Then while following a flag that read "Run Away From Drugs", everyone zoomed around the school.  It was AWESOME.

     After the run, everyone returned to class, very tired but happy.