2nd Grade 'Parents and Pumpkins' Literacy Night

Megan Camper, Kellie Brandley

On the evening of October 24th, 2012, the parking lot of Santaquin Elementary was full.  Parents and second grade students were at the school for their second annual ‘Parents and Pumpkins’ Literacy Night.  Parents and 2nd graders came to learn about word work strategies, comprehension tools and technology they can use at home.  Parents enjoyed the strategies learned that evening, going home with a variety of materials for being in attendance.  One of the highlights of the night was the pumpkin drawing.  During the month of October, 2nd grade students had the opportunity to turn in ‘pumpkin

Red Ribbon Week Run

Elizabeth Anne Crook Student Reporter

 October 22, 2012, at Santaquin Elementary. 

      It was the first day of Red Ribbon Week and we were told to wear red clothes and wear running shoes.  Most of the students did.  After the announcements, we all went out to the front of the school, on the grass by the first grade classrooms.

     When the whole school was there, Mr. Argyle yelled. "GO".  Then while following a flag that read "Run Away From Drugs", everyone zoomed around the school.  It was AWESOME.

     After the run, everyone returned to class, very tired but happy.

Popcorn Ticket Reading Winners

These dedicated readers were chosen to participate in our October 'Road to Success' Reading Celebration ... popcorn and a movie with Mr. Argyle!  “The goal of the program is to encourage improvement in literacy which will help develop daily and lifelong reading habits, specifically by READING EVERY DAY at least 20 minutes, to improve vocabulary, proficiency, and communication skills” (Garff, 2012).  Well done Santaquin Readers!

Red Ribbon Week ... School Fun Run

Monday morning, October 22nd, the entire Santaquin Elementary studentbody, faculty and staff had to the opportunity to meet outside to "Run Away From Drugs and Violence" as a kick-off to our Red Ribbon Week!  We all wore RED and our running shoes, and met to run around the perimeter of the school together in our School Fun Run!  Go Santaquin!

National Boss Day at Santaquin

Patricia Haroski, a secretary from Illinois, originated National Boss Day in 1958 in honor of her father who helped all of his children with good advice throughout their careers.  In honor of his birthday, October 16th, Patricia registered the day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Four years later, National Boss Day was officially announced.  The idea quickly gained favor across the country and is now even observed in England, Australia and South Africa.  Today at Santaquin Elementary we honored our very own Mr.

Living Planet Visits Fourth Grade

On Wednesday, October 10th, the Living Planet Aquarium's Education Program presenters visited the fourth grade students at Santaquin Elementary.  The students were able to participate in several experiments to learn about their science core topic of understanding "the physical characteristics of Utah's wetlands, forests, and deserts and identifying common organisms for each environment."  The wonderful presenters brought live animals indigenous to Utah, i.e., snakes, lizards, toads, etc., and taught the students how to classify them.  The visit  was "very informative and interacti

Autographed Book Donated to School Library

Student Paden Kunz

I won an autographed copy of the book Evertaster from the Author, Adam Glendon Sidwell.  I thought Evertaster was an awesome book.  It had good detail and good description.  It’s the kind of book you do NOT want to set down.

          The book makes you think you taste all the wonderful food.  It isn’t hard to picture what is going on.  It has battles and magic forces in the race to find the “ONE RECIPE”.  It’s a race to the finish line back and forth the whole way!!      

Second Grade Farm Field Day

On Friday, October 5th, the second grade students from Santaquin Elementary had the pleasure of visiting Harward Farms for their annual Farm Field Day.  How much do YOU know about Agriculture?  Well, we learned things like:  a plant needs five things to grow - water, air, sunlight, soil, and nutrients; the Z.I.P. you get from eating beef stands for zinc, iron, and protein; and a mother sheep is called a ewe!  Thank you, Harward Farms, for an amazing day of learning!!

Miss Camper's Class Learns About Gravity

Student Reporters: Elizabeth Anne Crook and Joseph McCoy Jacklin

The students in Miss Camper's class had a lesson about gravity.  The students went to different groups to test objects to see which would hit the ground first.

At one center,  Mrs. Smith, a second-grade helper, pulled out a paper clip and an orange ping pong ball, and asked which one would hit the floor first when she dropped them.  Almost all of the students in her group said "The paperclip will hit the floor first."  Most of the kids were wrong because the ping pong ball hit the ground first.

A Visit from Officer Irvine

On Wednesday, September 19th, Officer Irvine took time out of his busy schedule to visit the second grade students at Santaquin Elementary.  He talked about safety and making smart choices.  We are grateful to the important members of our community who help keep us safe.