Grandma Epperson's Quilts

Grandma Beth Epperson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She was so small when she was born that her parents put her in a shoe box on the oven door to keep her warm!  She has always been very active and used to walk everywhere she went.  She had to walk miles and miles to get to school, to piano lessons, and later to her jobs. She never rode the bus or got a ride, but would always walk no matter what the weather.  After she was married, she lived in many different places, including California, Missouri, North Carolina, Idaho, and Utah.  She has 2 children - 1 son and 1 daughter.

'It Pays to Read' ... Gingerbread Houses at Santaquin

For our December Reading Celebration Activity, one student from every class won the opportunity to decorate gingerbread houses with Mr. Argyle as a reward for reading every day during the month.  Students worked in pairs to create very elaborate gingerbread houses, which were then proudly put on display in the office for students and parents to view!  It pays to read at Santaquin Elementary!

Caine's Aracade at Santaquin

Caine is a 9-year old boy who spent his summer vacation building an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto parts store.  He dreamed of the day he would have lots of customers visit his homemade arcade, and even though the chances of getting a customer were very small ... Caine never gave up.  The students in Mr. Huezo's class at Santaquin Elementary work this hard every day!  They created their very own cardboard arcade and invited the students to come enjoy themselves.  "We believe that kids’ imaginations have the power to inspire and change the world."

Fifth Grade Literacy Night

On Wednesday evening, December 5th, the fifth grade teachers at Santaquin Elementary were excited to hold their first annual Parent Literacy Night.  This was an opportunity for parents and students to receive instructional strategies and tools to encourage writing at home and get prepared for the January Writing Assessment.

Reading Buddies at Santaquin

Buddy Reading is a great way to help struggling readers improve and successful readers learn useful skills.  The students from Mrs. Pando's 6th grade class love to come read with the second grade students in Miss Levi's class.  Student pairs work together to practice fluency, accuracy and comprehension.  'Spot On' reading is happening at Santaquin each day!

Parents and Pastries

Erin Miller sixth-grade student


Hi, I’m Erin Miller, I was asked to do a report on the Parents and Pastries program.

What is Parents and Pastries? I’ll tell you. Parents and Pastries are when a parent (or parents) bring their child (or children) to the school to read to them. Or the children read to the parents if they want to. The P.T.A. brings donuts and milk to hand out to the parents and children. That’s why it’s called “Parents and Pastries.”

New Students At Santaquin?

The sixth grade students at Santaquin Elementary have been learning to sculpt with tape in their art class.  Mrs. Marzan taught students to work collaboratively as a team to create specific body parts.  Once the individual pieces were completed, they were taped together to make a whole person sculpture.  The 'students' were jumping, diving, flying, reading and even practicing math fast facts.  Great imagination and teamwork!

It Pays to Read

Mr. Argyle and his team kept the student excitement at a fever pitch as they gave away books, money, posters, balls and two BICYCLES.  Students who had read and earned reading tickets were waiting anxiously for their chance to shoot a basket for CASH, or to simply have their choice of the cool prizes on the steps.

Congratulations to Maddie Galloway and Easton Gofort,h who won the bicycles THIS time.  There are more assemblies and more bikes in the future!!