School News

Say No To Drug Week


We spent a week learning about the harmful effects of drugs to a persons body.  We had a magician come and entertain us.  We had Santaquin Police officers come and bring their K9 to teach us how they look for drugs.  We pledged to be drug free.   Mr. Richins and Mrs. Zaugg showed off their mad flossing skills. 

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SIxth Grade Science and Ice Cream


Our sixth graders are learning about insulating.  This is a perfect opportunity for them to engineer a way to keep their ice cream cold for two hours.  Some students enjoyed a great ice cream sandwich and some, well... not so much. 

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Clark Planetarium Assembly


Clark Planetarium came to our school and taught us about satic electricity, air pressure, vacuum and how science works.  The students enjoyed learning and participating.  They each got the chance to hold a rock from space.  They were surprised at how heavy it was. 

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"Day of the Dead"

Mariajose Zaugg

“Dia De Los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” is a special holiday in which people choose to honor their dead loved ones by celebrating their lives. It is celebrated in Mexico and other countries of Latin America on November 1st and 2nd. On these days it is believed that our departed loved ones are able to come back and join the celebration. Dia De los Muertos is to celebrate the life that our loved ones lived, not to be sad that they are gone.  Throughout the day, 4th grade students learn about what this very special day means to a lot of people in their community. 

A Good Story


The third grade students at Santaquin had the privelage of listening to "Uncle John" tell stories (he prefers to call them experiences) about his friend Jack the rabbit and his wife Jackie.  Listening to stories is always a pleasure and encourages us to use our imagination. Thank you Uncle John.  

Save the Kids

Lana Hiskey
Save the Kids free Parent Education Night sponsored by Nebo School District

All invited to the #savethekids free Parent Education Night sponsored by Nebo School District on November 5, 2018, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Springville High audirorium at 1205 East 900 South in Springville, Utah.

Collin Kartchner and Dr. Katey McPherson will lead a discussion on:

  • Balancing screen time and device use,
  • Protecting and cultivating our children's self worth,
  • Devising a sensible family use of device plan.

Click here for Flyer

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Lana Hiskey

Remember to Vote. You can still register at If you received a mail-in ballot, you can mail it or drop it off at in person at locations provided here:

You can find a list of four Early Voting locations or vote on Election Day at twenty-four locations found here:


How I Became a Pirate

Shawnee McMullin

Santaquin first grade went of a field trip to see a play based on the book “How I Became a Pirate” at the Scera Center in Orem. Students wore their best dress to visit the theater. We enjoyed the play and even got to ask the actors questions after the show! To finish the day we had lunch at the park.