School News

Kool Karate

Mrs. Harward's Third Graders learned how to do karate, thanks to Mr. Brooks from Bobby Lawrence Karate.  He taught us three things about focus which are eyes, body, and mind.  He then taught us how to do a side kick.  We were reminded that karate is used in self defense not for being a bully. Afterward, a few students got the chance to break a practice board.  Last but not least, Mrs. Harward broke a real board with her hand.  Watch out for Mrs. Harward!

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Miss Santaquin

Miss Santaquin, Nikki Mortensen, came to our school and taught us about emotions.  We watched clips from the movies, "Inside Out" and "The Grinch".  She taught us to recognize the emotions we are feeling and to take responsibility for them.  

Mr. H Knows How to Tie a Tie

Miss Camper's second graders read the Journey's story, "Mr. Tannen’s Tie Trouble."   Mr. Hanosek asked them questions about the story and then showed them how to tie a tie.  They were so proud of Mr. H that they gave him a round of applause. The students were then each given a tie to learn how to do it themselves.   Second graders are quite good at this complicated skill. 

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SEP's a Success

A big thank you to all who attended SEP's this week.  We love the chance to celebrate success and set some new goals.  We are also very thankful for the generous meal for the teachers provided by our wonderful PTA.  







PTA Decorates Hall