School News

Underground Railroad

Hannah Camit

The 5th graders recently learned about the Civil War. As part of this unit, the children participated in an underground railroad simultation. For this actvity, the students traveled to four station masters on their way to freedom on the underground railroad. They had to hide in small spaces and travel on a cart as to not get caught and sent back to the South. The students also had the opportunity to take apart cotton and seperate out the seed pods. The students loved this activity and getting a glimpse into how the Undeerground Railroad worked and why it was important to American history. 

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Let Me Hear It

Judy Rawle

The Payson Junior High band, orchestra, and jazz band came to perform for the 6th graders to introduce them to the instruments and get them interested in trying out a musical instrument in 7th grade.

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And the Winner Is...


We had an assembly to reward students for reading and turning in their minutes.  There were several prizes given away.  Most exciting was four bikes.  There were two given to the lower grades and two given to the upper.  Keep on reading! More exciting assemblies to come and lots of adventures in a book. 

Don't Crush My Chips

We had the opportunity to have Hank Smith come and talk to us.  He helped us understand that we can be "upstanders" instead of bystanders.  If we stand up for others, everyone will feel safe and important.  We also learned about having boundaries with others. 

He explained that when we say something unkind, it is like "crushing chips" inside of someone.    He taught us to say, "Don't crush my chips."  We all got a bag of Doritos after the assembly. 

Thank you PTA for the sign and the chips. 

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Happy 100th Day of Kindergarten


Kindergarten is hurrying to catch up with the rest of the school. They celebrated 100 days of school on Friday.  We thank the PTA for the sign outside.  It was a fun celebration. 

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Kindergarten Registration


Kindergarten registration will be combined with regular registration in the summer.

Just a reminder that all kindergarten students registering for the 2019-2020 school year will need to bring their birth certificate, immunization records, and two forms of proof of residency even if they have a sibling enrolled.

Happy 100th Day of School


Can you believe we have been in school for 100 days?  Our PTA helped us celebrate with this amazing sign.  A few of our teachers also looked 100 years old. We are pretty sure it was a costume though, or was it? 

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Mrs. Snelgrove' Students Learn About Traditions


Mrs. Snelgrove' third grade students learned about holiday traditions in several countries.  They learned that Mexico has a tradition of making pinatas.  Each student was able to make their own and then paint it.  They also learned that Holland has a tradition of placing chocolate initials at the table place setting. Each of her students made their initial in chocolate.

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