School News

Hey Look!

Look who showed up at Santaquin Elementary! It's Johnny Appleseed himself.  

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Teachers Learning


Several teachers from Santaquin went to a technology conference.  Teachers are always striving to stay current in their practice and hope to use technology to engage students in learning. 

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Reading Rodeo

Jammie Weight

Oh my goodness! Students who read all summer enjoyed some fun at our Reading Rodeo.  Mr. Goudy is always up for some real rodeo with his horses and the PTA was so good to provide other activities and parent helpers to run those activities.  Thank you students and parents for efforts to read ove the summer. 

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Pumpkin Patch and First Grade

Maddie Inman, Shawnee McMullin, Becca Dooley

First grade went to the Red Barn pumpkin patch and learned about different fruit trees. They got to pick their own apple and then enjoyed jumping on air pads, riding pedal carts, and sliding on gunnysacks. We ended the day with a warm donut that we enjoyed on our hayride back to the school. 

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A Big Thank You!

Ien Richins, Marlayne Harward

Santaquin Elementary had a great opportunity today.  We got to publicly notice and thank America FIrst Credit Union. They have supported our students  each year at Christmas time with new shoes.  Thank you America First Credit Union!!!!!! 


Farm Field Day for Second Grade

Megan Camper

We love farm field day! It is put on by Utah State Extension. Each class is assigned a different farm field day symbol. The students get the opportunity to go to several different stations. Some of them include: farm safety, eating healthy, washing hands, sheep herding, and a talking tomato. We also enjoyed eating our lunch at Discovery Park. The students loved wearing their awesome tie dye shirts they made at school with parent volunteers.

School and Apples


Thank you to the Rowleys for inviting Third Grade to come to the Red Barn and learn about farms in our community.  They picked us up in the wagon and took us through the orchards.   We learned what different types of blossoms look like, how to pick an apple, how to conserve water and how to keep a tree from freezing in the spring.  We got to pick an apple and eat it.  We also enjoyed a cider doughnut. Thank you Rowleys!

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A Train is Comin' Down the Track

Becca Dooley, Marlayne Harward

First grade has been learning about transportation as part of their map unit in social studies. To improve their writing by using adjectives (describing words), the first graders had to come up with two adjectives that described each different type of train car. They then put their story together in a train and made an accordion book to take home and read to their families. They had lots of fun integrating the art, writing, and social studies!

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