School News

Come say goodbye to "Howdy, Mr. Goudy"

Angela Craig

Andrew Goudy, everyone’s favorite custodian, is retiring at the end of this school year. Santaquin Elementary School will forever miss the power of Mr. Goudy’s love for the teachers, staff, and students. The hallways will be a little forlorn without the calls of “Howdy, Mr. Goudy” chorusing from enthusiastic students. Mr. Goudy leaves behind a legacy of kindness, service, and friendship. At age 12, Andrew Goudy moved to Santaquin and has called it home ever since. His love for animals, especially horses, flourished during his youth. His first horse, Agnes, was the best horse around. At age 14, he had a paper route; all delivered while riding Agnes. As a teenager, Andrew began working as the sweeper of the Old Santaquin School, under the employment of Doyle Crook. After returning from his LDS mission, Andrew became the head custodian of the brand new Santaquin Elementary in 1983. Mr. Goudy opened the school and has happily remained there for 34 years. In November 1983, Andrew married Keela Bott, a fellow Santaquin Elementary employee. She taught in Nebo School District for 30 years. Together they have two children, Hayden Goudy and Hannah Goudy Tervort. Hayden is married to Jessica Warnick and resides in Idaho. Hannah is married to Steven Tervort and lives in Nephi. Andrew and Keela have three beautiful grandchildren, Brady and Riley Tervort, and Mesa Hope Goudy. Andrew’s pride and joy has always been his children and now is grandchildren. He truly is the world’s greatest father and grandpa! Andrew has loved his years spent as the custodian at Santaquin Elementary. The flexibility of the job has allowed him to be the best “cowboy custodian” around! He has been able to ride his horses to work and assist in the running of a large cattle farm while working at the school. Andrew’s favorite part of working at the school is the students! He has been a father figure, friend, and all around awesome guy to any student that needed a boost. Many times, he has dumpster dived to save thrown away retainers, climbed ladders to retrieve items off of the roof, and given a hug and squeeze to any student that wanted one. His genuine love for the students creates a feeling of joy and happiness within the walls of the school. Mr.Goudy is the heart of Santaquin Elementary. Please join us in an open house on May 17 as we say goodbye to “Howdy, Mr. Goudy!”

K-2 Dances about the Weather

Melanie Fillmore

This last week the K-2 classes at Santaquin Elementary used dance and movement to help them review, learn, and remember information about the weather.  As part of Nebo School District's GAINS (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools) program, Dance Specialist, Melanie Fillmore visited with these younger grades to model for teachers and provide for students a Dance Integrated learning experience.   Using the natural energy and movement qualities inherent in weather students: Skipped a happy skip (sunny)Did swinging and swooshing movement side to side (wind)Floated gently while swaying (snow)Moved from high to low with their arms and body (rain)Stomped and clapped (thunder)Did big, energetic, fast jumps (lightening)and MORE.   Students then acted as "meteorologists" and put the movements together in their own "5-day forecast." Students that move as part of their learning experience are shown to remember information better and retain it longer.  Good job Santaquin Elementary!

Henry's Freedom Box - 5th Grade

Hannah Camit

The past few weeks we have been learning about the Civil War. The students started the unit by learning about slavery and the Underground Railroad. We read the picture book Henry's Freedom box about a man who mailed himself to freedom. The students then simulated mailing themselves to freedom, wearing disguises for the Underground Railroad, and making quilt squares. As we continued the unit, we began discussing the battles and generals that played a large role in the Civil War. Students dressed up as Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant, and Robert E Lee as we re-enacted some of the battle outcomes, the Gettysburg Address, and the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. 

Service and a Smile


This year our school was involved in a service project with the Friends of Utah County Childrens Justice Center.  Mrs. Susan Davidson, a local community member, spearheaded our efforts to gather and deliver stuffed animals to the children.

In a letter from the Friends of Utah County Justice Center it reads,           "Thank you so much for your support for the abused children in our community. Your recent donation of stuffed animals will be well used by the Utah County Children's Justice Center in behalf of the children and families who are served here."



Kindergarten Information Day!

Bring your child who will be in kindergarten next year to meet the teachers, see the classrooms and get your child excited for next year!

When:  April 19th 

Choose one session to attend: 10:30am or 2:00pm

At Santaquin Elementary we provide opportunities for children to learn and develop at their own rate.  To see what services we provide please click HERE.

The second graders love QR codes and reading!

Megan Camper, Charles Hanoseck


The second graders love QR codes and reading! So why not combine them? The second graders were excited to share and exciting project with their parents at Parent Teacher Conferences. Students selected their favorite book, wrote a book summary about it, turned it into a fun art craft and then recorded their voice telling about their book. Once everything was complete they turned their recording into a QR code. Parents enjoyed scanning the QR codes and listening to their child tell about their story. Three students from Ms. Camper's class taught all the classes how to use the Chromebooks to record their audio book talks. These students are currently training other students and classes throughout the school.