Who's Who Wednesday

Mrs. Greer


6 children and 5 grandchildren (4 since the end of July!)


  • Food:    Prime Rib with creamy horseradish sauce and baked potato
  • Drink:   Pepsi
  • Treat:   Kettle Corn
  • Movie:  Old  (1930’s) Black and White Monster Movies
  • Book:    Whatever I’m currently reading
  • Vacation:  Arizona
  • Time of Year:  Spring


This is my 10th year teaching and my 8th year at Santaquin


I love taking photographs.  I volunteer to take pictures at various events and have been to lots of fun things such as Fantasy Con and Steampunk Fest as well as being able to photograph behind the scenes at LDS church venues.  Mr. Greer and I also are often asked to take photos at concerts and we have the opportunity to meet some fascinating celebrities.  It’s really fun to have an All Access Pass and get to see what goes on behind the stage.