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Mrs. Taylor Snow

Submitted by susan.hunter on Tue, 10/11/2016 - 13:13
Mr. Eric Kern


I have been married to my husband, Matt, for just a little over a year.  I have a brother and sister who are 10 and 12 years younger than me.  I often call them “the kids” or “my kids”.  I grew up in Morgan, UT, living with my mom, amazing step dad, and the kids on a small farm.


             Food:        Cheeseburger, Fries, Pizza

            Drink:        Coke, Calypso, and Water

            Treat:        Swig Sugar Cookie

          Movie:        We Bought a Zoo

            Book:        Way too many!

           Music:        Country, Pop, Alternative Rock

     Vacation:        California / Disneyland

   NFL Team:        49ers

            Color:        Blue

Teaching Experience

This will be my first year teaching as I just graduated from Utah State in May. I am so excited to be teaching here at Santaquin Elementary!  I am ready to learn and grow throughout this year as a teacher.


I love to read, swim, snowmobile, board and card games, and small crafts.

I enjoy going to movies and arcades with my husband and spending time with our families and friends.