Mrs. Harward - Teacher of the Year


Mrs. Harward received the 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year award at Santaquin Elementary.  She has been a teacher for 10 years. 

She graduated from UVU with a bachelor’s degree and attended SUU for graduate courses in ESL, Science and Math.

“I believe that students should want to come to school every day,” said Mrs. Harward.  She continues, “I believe that if a teacher is excited to learn, the students will be also.  Learning is contagious!  Each child is important and one teacher alone can never reach each student, but together we can do just that.  There are so many resources available to us in our own building; the librarian, the psychologist, speech teacher, resource teacher, principal, and custodian that all play an important role in reaching each child.  Teaching is not an easy job, but I love making a difference in the lives of students.”

Mr. Argyle said, “Mrs. Harward’s experience and understanding of students and learning facilitate her ability to assist students at their point of need.  She spends the time necessary to plan and prepare for student success.  The love she has for teaching and her students is always apparent to the students and others visiting her classroom.”

A parent, from a previous year, paid tribute with the following statements, “Mrs. Harward always made each student feel important and loved.  She made learning fun and exciting.  She loved my child and helped him in more ways than she realizes.”

Mrs. Harward’s love for teaching shows in the care she has for her students, in helping them succeed, and being excited about learning and trying something new.  We appreciate her example, dedication, and hard work.