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Kool Karate

Submitted by marlayne.harward on Fri, 01/18/2019 - 09:34

Mrs. Harward's Third Graders learned how to do karate, thanks to Mr. Brooks from Bobby Lawrence Karate.  He taught us three things about focus which are eyes, body, and mind.  He then taught us how to do a side kick.  We were reminded that karate is used in self defense not for being a bully. Afterward, a few students got the chance to break a practice board.  Last but not least, Mrs. Harward broke a real board with her hand.  Watch out for Mrs. Harward!

#santaquinelementary  #karate  #watchoutformrsharward  #bobbylawrencekarate  #dontbeabully #hiya #boardbreaking