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Johnny Appleseed

Submitted by susan.hunter on Tue, 09/27/2016 - 13:22
Ms. Megan Camper

The second grade students have been learning about Johnny Appleseed.  He visited them in the afternoon, reading them a story about his life.  When the kids returned to their desk, they found an apple waiting for them.

"Was Johnny Appleseed a real person?" Find out in the text below from the Library of Congress website.

"You've probably heard about the legendary "Johnny Appleseed" who, according to story and song, spread his apple seeds all over the nation. Did you know there really was a "Johnny Appleseed"? His name was Jonathan Chapman. Born in Massachusetts on September 26, 1775, Chapman earned his nickname because he planted small orchards and individual apple trees during his travels as he walked across 100,000 square miles of Midwestern wilderness and prairie. He was a genuine and dedicated professional nurseryman."

-Johnny Appleseed Was Born,,