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Health Information Regarding Lice

Submitted by susan.hunter on Wed, 10/05/2016 - 14:53
Mr. Chad Argyle

Dear Parents:

Each year within the school there are a few cases of head lice.  This is a common situation among elementary age children and is not life threatening, but is a nuisance no one wants to have in their family.  When individual cases are made known to the school, we follow the appropriate protocol for the situation in order to mitigate the lice and to inform parents of their infected child.  We also work to protect and respect the families who have been infected and to minimize student concern that could interrupt their academic learning.

There are two links below that will answer many questions you may have regarding lice.

Lice Information 1

Lice Information 2

Our school nurse, Laurie Kay, will be happy to answer any additional questions.  She is also willing to meet for one-on-one training and education.  Please call (801) 754-3611 to schedule an appointment with her.

Thanks so much for your understanding and support of Santaquin Elementary.