First Grade Field Trip

Becca Dooley, Kellie Brandley, Dru Tucker

We had an exceptional First Grade Field trip last week.  Gentry from the Forest Service came and discussed the importance of keeping nature clean and not starting fires. She brought along her friend Smokey the Bear and each class got their picture taken with him. We also learned the five rules from Smokey. The rules we learned from Smokey the Bear are as follows: Only you can prevent wild fires.Always be careful with your fire.Never play with matches or fires.Always watch your campfire.Make sure your campfire is completely out. 

We did five activities as well: 1) learned of plants in Utah and got a marshmallow target game, 2) learned the legend of how the flute came to be and got to decorate their own Indian flute, 3) got to decorate a t-shirt with a boot print to talk about activities to do in nature, 4) cracked a code to make a book about different animal paw prints, and 5) made a necklace from tree branches and beads.

Even though it rained and we couldn't go hike the Grotto, we still had a great time.