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August 2014

Everything Is Awesome

Submitted by susan.hunter on Tue, 08/19/2014 - 00:00

The team at Santaquin Elementary gathered early in August to get ready for the new year.  New teachers were introduced as well as new ideas.

After Mr. Argyle introduced our school's 2014-2015 theme of "Everthing is Awesome When You're Part of a Team", from the "Lego Movie", the staff was divided into teams for various activities.  We learned that it takes each of us to make our school successful.  

As we were given opportunities to build objects out of Legos, we experienced that we all learn differently and that our instructions need to be very specific and detailed because we all visualize information based on our knowledge and experiences.  We related that to our students and how each one interprets instruction in a variety of ways.

We all left with enthusiasm for the new school year.  Santaquin Elementary is a great place to be.  Don't forget, "Everything is Awesome When You're Part of Team!"

The Lego objects we built are the pictures displayed above.

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